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Spyglass on the Markets:

Occasionally we come across an interesting chart we want to share. It could be something immediately actionable or might just be something to watch going forward. It may be technical analysis but could just as easily relate to fundamental, sentiment or positioning data. We may or may not have a position in something related to the chart. The only real requirement is that it has caught our eye. Our full research and market analysis, comprehensive trade write-ups and Investor Letters are available to clients only via login credentials.

VIX Signal

Our VIX signal triggered on March 25th. This model tends to get one or... Read more

How Now?

Following closely on the heels of the ugly December selloff, we have now had... Read more

A Chart to Ponder

Here is an interesting chart that gives us a set-up worth pondering. Granted, this... Read more

QT Matters

There is potential that we are heading for a policy error here from the... Read more


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